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Dan Dagen
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National Public Radio ran an in depth story on the Florida Reform School which was shut down last year amid a storm of controversy. Of course the state prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to support the 'claims' of the former victims there. It was a situation very similar to what Dwight wrote about in 'I Cried..."

   A group of men, now in their 60's who met online and now call themselves 'The White House Boys' have gotten together and at least put enough together to allow a real probe into what happened. apparently 35 or so boys are buried there.



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Dwight Abbott
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Thank you Dan for sharing this information and link with us. Sonny always said that juveniles who "disappeared" and were said to have escaped or "gone home" were actually secretly burried at Paso de Robles. And Preston has a cemetery but he feels there are a lot more young people burried there than authorities admit to.

Its terrible that these things have gone on for so long and only recently coming to the attention of the public - many of whom still don't want to believe it's true, convinced that our children have always been well cared for as wards of the state.

Those who suffered the same fate as Dwight and the White House Boys know, unfortunately, just how true it all is and hopefully people will continue to help uncover these atrocities and an end will finally be put to the abuse incarcerated children are subjected to.


Karren - posting for Sonny because he can't :)

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