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Dan Dagen
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National Public Radio's weekend program 'This American Life' as well as VICE magazine do absolutely fantastic investigative reporting; in depth and thought provoking stories. Dwight Abbot's writings are in line with and above the caliber of material that qualify for these outlets. I do not think it is remotely out of the question to get his story told by these outlets.

   Anyone on here got any ideas about this?

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Dwight Abbott
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I will work with you to get Sonny's writings out on any outlet that will take them on. I am going to send you a private message with my phone number so you can call me if you would like to give me more information about this and we can see what we can do to make Sonny a household name.:D

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[email protected]
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          It is our hope that those who feel strongly enough about the value of Sonny's message will; themselves, take it a 'step futher.' This 'step futher' can take many forms; from simply sharing Sonny's story with friends; to actively trying to contact those organizations or entities  who might be interested in his story.

         The story is designed to be shared and repeated to all who would benefit from its lessons. With very limited budget; It is our hope to get the 'Avalanche' started using many small spurts. We will support AND encourage ALL who would take time to help bear the banner of Sonny's message to children, parents and juvenile/adult institutions.


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Dwight Abbott
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Hi Skippy, Dan and I have been in contact and I will continue to work with him however I can to get attention drawn to Sonny and his goal in life. Once he hears back from NPR and Vice I will share all information with you.

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