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CDCR is at it again

Posted by Dwight Abbott on December 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Sonny called me tonight and told me that one of the C/O's there stated that Valley State Prison is in the Valley Fever Belt. (But said there were "only 3 or 4 cases of it this year")

Sonny cannot be in a prison that is located in that belt - he's had Valley Fever once already, if he gets it again it is pretty much a death sentence.

It is even noted in his medical file that he cannot go to a prison that is affected by Valley Fever, so I'm wondering why he was transferred to VSP.

He also said there are a whole lot of other issues, and it's making him miserable. (He said he would rather be back at SVSP - even without Raymond).

This morning it was 31 degree and they had to go outside to get their medications. If they refused to go get meds then they would not be allowed to go to breakfast.

He said they were all glad when it started to rain because it warmed things up a bit, but then of course he, and everybody else but the guards, was soaked.

The dorm he is in has 3 men who are in wheelchairs and 3 who are not. It's overcrowded with 3 wheelchairs in there and moving around is difficult.

At SVSP there was a bar welded to the underside of Raymonds bunk so that Sonny could grab onto it to assist him in changing position in bed. There is non where he is at now. And, there is not enough room between the top and bottom bunk to sit on his bed. If he wants to get out of the wheelchair he has no choice but to lay on his bunk.

He has a locker where all his belongings are. It's a tall, school-type locker and he cannot reach the top of it.

On a good note, he did say the food was better, and the nurse that he spoke with yesterday said she was going to get his meds straightened out (but we have heard plenty of empty promises before so I won't believe it until he tells me that his meds have been adjusted back to where they belong).

From what I have read, the new medical facility in Stockton should be open in July, and it is my hope that Sonny can be moved there (I think they are actually going to start moving men in before July - that is the expected date of total occupation). I'm sure with his medical issues he will be more than qualified to move to Stockton, and with any luck it will be all they say it will as far as being medically and handicap equiped.

For now, I plan on getting in touch with a few people who may be able to get him moved out of VSP (because of the Valley Fever). I just don't know where they will move him - but I also don't want him staying there at the risk of getting sick.

I will keep updates coming as I get them.

Happy Holidays everybody.


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