"No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child." Abraham Lincoln


Welcome to Dwight "Sonny" Abbott's Website.

      This site is dedicated to youth incarcerated, beaten, abused and made to suffer long term 24/7 solitary confinement, inside a system of injustice that has failed, not them alone; but, all members of society.

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Slight change in Sonny's address

 Hey Peeps! 

Check out the ALL New Facebook album of Sonny's NEW Video; pictures and descriptions; then write to him!


 Here is Sonny's address, with a different room number - he moved down the hall I guess lol -  for any who would like to write to him. He makes every effort to respond to letters as quickly as he can.

Dwight Abbott    T88033


C  3  A    Rm 101

PO Box 32200

Stockton   CA   95213

Feel free to write any time, he'd love to hear from people. (And if you would like to help by sending him typing paper, envelopes or stamps so he can carry on correspondences it would be greatly appreciated).


Some Exciting News

While this does not affect most of us, I Cried, You Didn't Listen is now available in French.

Thanks to a wonderful friend in Quebec (Danielle - she read the book and thought how great it would be if it was available for French only speaking people), she not only translated the book but sent it out to a publisher friend of hers and he accepted it.

For now it is only available in eBook format (for Kindle, Nook, etc), but if there is enough interest in it then the publisher will consider printing out copies of the book for sale in book stores and in libraries. Keep your fingers crossed :-)

Danielle is also working on translating CONSEQUENCE into French. Now all we need is somebody to translate them into Spanish - any volunteers? lol

If you want to take a look at the book in it's French publication, here is the Amazon link for it.


Request from Sonny

Many people have asked why Sonny is serving 4 life sentences, and he has given me permission to address that issue here to let people know (I have the court papers in my possession and the information is coming directly from them).

Sonny had become involved with methamphetamines and was selling them from his home. Count 1 was providing meth to a person under the age of 18 to act as an agent (sell it)  (considered child endangerment). Count 2 was the actual possession of the drugs. Count 3 was also child endangerment because of another person under the age of 18 being in the home where there were drugs and weapons. Count 4 was breaking and entering with the intent to commit a felony (the address listed for this offense was his own address, so make of this charge what you will - I can't understand it).

Because Sonny had prior convictions he was sentenced under California's Three Strike Law - thus giving him four 25-life sentences.

Judge him as you see fit for his crimes - at least some of the "rumors" will now be put to rest as to why he is once more in prison (not murder as many have asked).

Now for my opinion: Sonny is 73 years old with many health issues (which is why he now resides in the new medical prison facility - which is a joke in itself and I won't even go into that issue). He, and many like him, cost the taxpayers almost triple what it costs to house healthy inmates (more money is spent on incarceration in CA than on education) but CDCR refuses to release these inmates to their families under medical parole or compassionate release, even though they really are no longer a threat to society.  There are many who now have Alzheimer's/Dementia, wheelchair bound, congestive heart failure and terminal cancers - but yet they sit in a prison rather than be allowed to go home with their families for their final days/weeks/months and yes, sometimes years. It is long past the time to have this issue addressed and changes made to the system.




Hello new (and old) members and welcome to our site. We hope you like it here and that you sign the guestbook, write in our blog area (share your stories with us if you have any), leave comments or ask questions. I am in contact with Sonny daily and share any news from here with him. And of course you are more than welcome to write to him directly if you want. His address is listed above and he loves getting mail



 San Quentin

Prison of heartaches, anguish and tears,

where there is no hope, only fear,

I despise.

This graveyard for many,

this shame on all,

where I exist,

back unbent, standing tall,

I despise

Fortress of madness and frustration,

bastions filled with untold pain,

I challenge again, again, again!

I dispute your authority

over my life, my soul,

hidden behind fungus covered granite walls,

smelling of spattered blood and mold.

Your foundation of rock and steel were laid

by sadists long gone;

your torch kept burning

by Devil's spawn.

Fuck you, your threats,

oppression, solitary cells and greed,

enough of my blood you have let.

I promise, a day will dawn,

upon which alarms will toll,

The Reaper has come to collect

for the senseless destruction of souls.

As sure as the Eagle takes flight,

vengeance will resound,

taken by men

whose lives and souls you bound.

I'll savor my moment,

you sadistic whore!

Knowing a “moment” is all I'll have,

before a bullet takes me to the floor.

Ah, what the hell, San Quentin,

I'm too old, far too much blood has flowed,

I'll give you what you would not,

mercy instead of a show . . .


Dwight Abbott, 2009

Welcome to our house

     A constant work in progress, this site is about truth, exposing an abusive, dysfunctional system that has, since its conception, failed not only those children intrusted to it, but a society that  believes that the Corrections Department administrators are good stewards.

     Undoubtedly there will be the many who question. Please do not hesitate to do so. Who but Dwight Abbott, after 52 years in a cell smaller than a studio apartment bathroom, now serving 4 consecutive life sentences leaving him without hope of ever again breathing on this side of the high barriers behind which he languishes, could know the prison system more personally?

     Webmaster, Karren Kilian, will collect all questions left here for Sonny, or other Abbott family members, and as quickly as it is possible get answers, if any there are, and publish them here.

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